Massage Therapist & Health Educator

In private practice in Marin since 1990
Massage should be an interactive dance,
a partner yoga exploring the possibilities of expanding one’s range of movement, openness, flexibility, awareness,
and of course relaxation.

Education, awareness and empowerment are my context when working with clients.

What I bring to the table

  • Service oriented
  • Open to new ideas
  • Patient
  • Organized
  • Punctual
  • Innovative
  • Computer literate
  • Team player
  • Attention to details
  • Committed to empowering clients in their relationship to their body
  • Sensitive to needs of staff, volunteers, and clientele
  • Able to analyze situations, generate ideas, and take the initiative
  • Skilled in business communications and group dynamics

Massage at SomaSanctuary is tailored to your wants and needs, utilizing a wide range of tools and techniques, drawn from the three signature formats noted below, and applied with intuitive touch that finds the right depth for each area of your body.


is the ultimate in relaxation. DREAM stands for Deeply Relaxing, Energy Attuning Massage. It is a full-body Swedish-Esalen style massage utilizing passive stretches and pressure to your liking from gentle to deep combined with breath awareness coaching.pressure to your liking from gentle to deep combined with some stretching and breath awareness coaching.


Swedish and Orthopedic Massage. A primarily clinical healing work utilizing techniques from both Swedish and Orthopedic Massage. Work is focused on a limited number of specific areas to address post-acute or chronic injuries. It also can be focused on sporting event preparation or recovery.


is a double entendré, being both the combination of Touch, Education, Awareness, and Movement – and coaching (you and I working together as a TEAM) between sessions to support & track your progress over time.
This may also include developing a “game plan” with unique objectives for each session, before/after bodywork evaluations and more.

And the winner often is: “A blend of two or all above, custom tailored to you.”

My business is founded on long time, loyal clientele. These ongoing clients take advantage of savings in a couple ways.

  1. They pre-purchase bundles of 6 sessions. The 90 minute SOMassage/DREAMassage/Customized sessions, normally $135 is reduced 10% to $121.50 each.
  2. Whether they pre-puchase the sessions or ‘pay-as-they-go”, once they have completed six “monthly” sessions, they earn a seventh session HALF OFF. Complete those six sessions in 3 months and get a FULL SESSION FREE.
Let’s see the “massage mills” beat those prices!!